Amir Johnson – NBA’s most underrated?

Last week, I wrote on Pat Beverley, one of the more underrated players in the league. But if I had to name one person who I consider to be the most underrated player in the association, the first name that would pop out is Amir Johnson.

Let’s go through why.

As a closeted Raptors fan, I got to see Amir’s emergence from a nobody scrub into the leading big on a 3rd place in the Eastern Conference playoff team. He never put up big box score numbers, but ever Raptors fan that watched him loved him. I don’t think there’s a single more universally appreciated player on the team. But when asked about it, nobody really knows why.

The fact is, among players playing 31 minutes or less, Amir Johnson might be the best in the entire league. His impact reminds me a lot of...

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